Preparations have been effective in Estonia. Even if there were some interesting times and all the world was upside down, we managed to bring some results.

From March to May of 2021, Estonian partners BCS Koolitus and Tartu Vocational School worked out the structure of piloting period including curricula and study materials. It was an remarkable experience. Lots of people had been given their contribution to worked out all needed parts for pilot period. Our curricula is almost done and study materials was finished by August. Furthermore, we have been contacting different companies who are willing to work together with students. There are many companies that are showing interest towards DIHUB concept and are ready to collaborate with students who will participate in DIHUB training program. In conclusion, we are doing great and when DIHUB piloting period starts in Estonia (September 2020), we will be ready and will make a good 1st round.


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