Digital Innovation Hub for cloud based services

The DIHUB consortium has set up a European-wide cluster of interconnected nodes using the latest cloud computing technologies for innovations development, education and for generation of new start-ups.

The organizations that collaborate in this project aims to develop:


A training program

and training material with the very latest technologies and tools of cloud providers.

A hub model

of clustered nodes, firstly in 5 European countries and then expanded to further EU stakeholders.

A European-wide hub

that will host different projects where students can familiarize with different cloud technologies and further develop service ideas coming from companies.

Links between

vocational education, higher education and companies in form of collaborative projects.

Who is DIHUB for?

  • Vocational education institutions
  • Students and trainees
  • Companies
  • Umbrella organisations
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What DIHUB project developed?

The model of the Innovation Hub was developed and refined during the whole project, receiving and pviroding input to and from other activities


Developed the hub model


One stop hub service creation


Piloted the hub model


Research based in the project activities and future development

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11 organisations from 5 European countries collaborate in this project

Do you want to join the DIHUB community?

Watch the video about the Platform: here