ALTOGAME is a virtual and 3D multi-user environment for creating innovation, collaboration, and learning simulations. Altogame eliminates silos, hierarchies, and limiting work roles, providing an immerse playing field for developing new ideas.

Altogame aims at jointly producing innovative thoughts, ideas, and perspectives on any chosen topic. Altogame has been developed by Mrs. Dr. (Behavioral Sciences), CEO Eija Mäkirintala, and Mr. Lis Tech., MSc Olli-Pekka Mäkirintala from Finland.

The platform utilizes a new kind of social 3D gaming technology that enables a variety of interaction and training simulation applications. With the real-time human interaction through 3D characters are central. Results can be groundbreaking since the platform features a scientific-based behavior model. Using 3D human-like characters deepens the experience and strengthens empathy.

We tested in the DIHUB project the ALTOGAME platform, and find it very useful for creating better ideas and co-operation in international development projects. Alto game helps you to get behind roles and genuinely pay attention to what is being said, not who is saying it. So, you can easier collect good ideas from all participants, not just leaders and loud ones.

Go beyond the obvious!

Altogame is based on the idea of coaching & producing better innovations. It is rooted in Eija Mäkirintala’s research work and her career as an international violist. Eija was the first PhD of coaching in Finland. Her thesis (2008) was about Feeling Better, Performing Better?

The idea behind this is to train and coach agile and lean ways of learning together and boosting creative top-performance & inspiration. The brains work better in different situations. And ideas are easily created and collected by 45 minutes of discussion, writing, and playing. Easy and fun!

If you need a creative approach to boost your performance and create better ideas, you contact ALTOGAME. Or ask us.


By Helena Miettinen, Helsinki Business College Ltd.


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