The COVID-19 pandemic has additionally brought up the issue of choosing health insurance. Even before the pandemic, we often encountered challenges related to choosing our health insurance. The DIHUB project represents Algebra’s students working on a cloud solution that enables choosing personalized health insurance.

The students are working in an interdisciplinary team called T-5. Team members point out that existing health insurances do not consider policyholders’ different lifestyles and possible risks to which people expose themselves. Thus, people who nurture a healthy lifestyle pay for the insurance as much as the ones who do not pay attention to their life habits, live carelessly, or take risks. As a result, policyholders with quality and healthy habits often think that they are paying for a service they are unlikely to take full advantage of, which they find unfair and unnecessary.

This is why Algebra’s graduate students started to develop a new web and mobile application that would enable users to choose personalized health insurance according to their lifestyle. Their team, T-5, consists of seven members that are skilled in different fields – software engineering, digital marketing, and data science. Members of the interdisciplinary team are Darko Pavleković, Ivan Kranjčec, Lucija Pervan, Luka Barišić, Zvonimir Stipić and Željko Lončar.

According to the team’s plan, the application would collect data on users’ daily activities and behaviours. Data collecting would be enabled by smart bracelets and smartwatch technology. Thus, the application would calculate and propose personalized health insurance based on the user’s behaviour. The prices of the insurance itself would be based on the policyholders’ lifestyles. Those who exercise regularly, eat healthily and do not consume harmful substances would pay less for the health insurance than those who do not engage in physical activities and have poor eating and living habits.

Young, physically active individuals who are aware of the importance of a healthy lifestyle could benefit from using the app. Additionally, very young people who do not have any health problems would also find it very useful to use this app, since they do not want to spend a lot of money on health insurance. Contrary to the expectations, the application could also be useful for the elderly, because they are very careful and do not take many risks, so they often want to pay the health insurance as little as possible. The T-5 team is also working on the application development to collaborate with the insurance companies.

Since the DIHUB project aims to stimulate the collaboration between students, education providers, and businesses, T-5’s application development is a good example of such an initiative. The final result of this and similar collaborations could be the development of new products and services as well as the implementation of cloud-based innovations.

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