In many countries, private health institutions provide medical procedures of high quality, constantly improving their services. Croatian private health institutions do not lag behind which is why many foreigners want to book their medical procedures in Croatia. However, they face with a challenge once they try to a book procedure, accommodation and other services. This is why students from Algebra University College are trying to develop a solution – unique MediCro platform.

Reasons for visiting some country are not always related to holiday or business trip. Since many countries’ health institutions have developed their medical services, people often decide to undergo an operation or a medical procedure in some other country. Their reasons vary from seeking high quality service to gaining good value for money, but one thing is common to all of them – they have to plan, organize and book their trip and medical procedures. This is the moment where challenges occur, specially if countries do not have some kind of platform where patients can find all relevant information.

Students from Algebra University College in Croatia recognized this as an opportunity for developing their own solution – unique platform MediCro for searching, booking and reviewing medical procedures in Croatia. Additionally, patients could find and book other necessary services with the help of the platform, such as transport and accommodation.

The students are working in an interdisciplinary team. The team consists of seven members that are skilled in different fields – software engineering, digital marketing and data science. Members of the team are Ivan Levanić, Domagoj Krmpotić, Kristijan Mihaljinac, Antonela Alihodžić, Ana Lincender, Ines Šmit, Yahya Bushara Abdalla Abdelrahem and Luka Šarić.

Team members pointed out that their solution would provide numerous reliable information to potential patients interested in undergoing medical procedures in Croatia. Users of the platform could search for available medical procedures and filter search results based on treatment type, price, location and desired date. Furthermore, the platform would allow individual consultations with medical professionals prior to treatment in order to give patients the opportunity to discuss their medical situation with a specialist.

Since it would be possible to book a treatment in different cities, and the users of the platform would often be from abroad, the team members are trying to enable users to book their transport and accommodation using the MediCro platform. This way platform would provide a lot of comprehensive information in one place. Students try to develop a MediCro platform as a simple, comprehensive and reliable solution.

This students’ project represents a good example of cloud solution development and its potential for developing business based on it. Since the DIHUB project aims to stimulate the collaboration between students, education providers and businesses, development of the MediCro platform is a good example of such project.

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