The DIHUB network brings together educational institutes, students, companies and public sector organisations under the common denominator: cloud services. It offers the companies a possibility to deepen co-operation with educational institutions and connect with future talents.

Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce made a survey to its member companies in spring 2022 in order to find out the need for recruiting at the moment and in the near future. We also asked how important companies consider the co-operation with vocational education providers. The result was indeed positive: a clear majority of companies found the co-operation in its various forms important or very important.  Thus there is a strong basis for enhancing the co-operation also in terms of the DIHUB platform.

In the beginning of the DIHUB project we also asked our member companies how aware they are of the advantages of cloud services. The result showed there is a lot to improve. We did the survey again after the pandemic had been going on for a while and it showed some progress.

DIHUB platform offers a valuable possibility for companies, educational institutes and their students to meet and create ways to utilize cloud services in new, creative and productive ways. Even though the project ends, the work will continue. Helsinki Region Chamber of Commerce supports this co-operation by acting as a messenger between companies and educational institutes.


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