We present to you one of the big results of the DIHUB Project!

The DIHUB online service platform (https://www.dihub.cloud/) is a place where students, VET/Education providers/teachers and businesses can collaborate for innovating cloud-based services. It brings useful, motivating and inspirational tools to take the best out of cloud based innovation ecosystem services.

The DIHUB online service platform may also be called as a one-stop service, meaning that it is one single virtual shared space that offers all participants co-creation possibilities and access to multi-field expertise, partnering, networking, peer-learning and tutoring. It is essentially “a primus motor” for innovations in the exponentially growing fields of cloud computing and cloud-based AI technologies.

The way the contents, resources and tools of the DIHUB platform are displayed and made available for its users is key to a successful dissemination of the DIHUB services and to the growth of the community. The platform has a landing page with a presentation of the Hub and information about the resources and services available, as well as a registration/login area that gives access to further content and collaborative tools to connect the stakeholders of the hub.


Please, join us: https://www.dihub.cloud/


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